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N.E.Princeton, March, 2017 (continued)

I appreciate your working with us on these lights. We really did need something custom for the space. I did try one or two other people who had stock lights that were similar; they either couldn't really customize, or they were outrageously expensive if they were willing to, and not nearly as easy to work with. You were super to work with, and the end product is gorgeous, at a price that made it doable.


                  "Nila Custom" (Flanking the stove hood). photo, N.E. Princeton, 2017

Rob & Judy Kearns, March 2017 review (continued)

Several Months ago we had a problem with the fixture thinking it was simply a burned out bulb. We tried changing the Halogen bulb
but that did not solve the problem. So I dug up our old invoice and contacted Robert Wallace. He suspected that it was a failure of the older halogen fixture <socket> and asked me to send him the light for repair (UPS $19) and he would replace it - no charge to us. A couple of weeks later our Temple Urn was shipped back to us, it works just like new! We were so happy and pleased with the great customer service and to have our "piece of art" back. Thank you so much!

Tenmple Urn in Rob & Judy Kearn's home - photo Rob Kearns
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