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Gallery.4/unlacqBrass Gallery.J4/ unlacqBrass Studio.2./in pol. nickel  

Gallery.1rec/bronze Gallery.3 / pol. brass. Gallery.3rec/unlacbrass  



  Gallery.5 / bronze Gallery.5 / pol. nickel Gallery.5 /unlacquered brass    
Gallery.4recWhite Gallery.20/White 930Lumin 92CRI 2700K R20 120V GalleryOrb.1/unlacquered brass
 Double Gallery.4 / unlacquered brass Double Gallery.4/White Double Gallery.4 pol./  nickel 
DoubleGallery.4rec / White Gallery.1sq / White Gallery.4rec / unlacquered brass


The Gallery Lights can be used on the wall or ceiling. Their highly efficient MR-16 LED bulbs put out a respectable 520 lumins - 2700K

a 60 watt halogen MR-16 equivalent.  They are now between 6.5 and 8 Watts & they consume about 1/8th that of halogen. 

They run cool and last at least 10 times longer than halogen.  They are mostly 120 volts, so no transformer is needed but they are dimmable with ordinary dimmer.

(LutronLED compadible dimmer recommended). The bulb faces you see in various  pictures may look differenrt from one another.

That is because in this rapidly advancing field we try find and use the most advanced MR16's we can find.Currently they look like the bulb shown in Gallery.4pol. nickel (above).



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Original designs by Robert Wallace for LUCID lighting / All lights are hand-crafted by LUCID lighting and UL listed

made in the USA