UL Listing

Popularly given the misnomer "UL approved", UL or Underwriters Laboratories is a company

that sets what it feels are safe standards for the manufacture of products such as

lighting fixtures. Lucid lighting contracts to UL list some of its fixtures and is subject

to regular inspections by an Underwriters Laboratories inspector.

A UL label attached to a fixture attests that the parts that it is made up

of and its method of assembly has fulfilled UL's standards for safety.

Fixtures do not  necessarily need to be UL listed unless

 local electrical codes or electricians may require a UL listing or equivalent from a similar company.

LUCID lighting 'UL lists' all its fixtures shown in the catalogue except for Table Lamps and Floor Lamps.

Since these are portable lamps they do not need to be listed in local electrical codes.

When you receive a UL listed fixture from us it will have a UL label attached and another label with

our name, the name of the fixture, the maximum suggested wattage (usually 60W) and type bulb.

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